Cinemagraphs and Parallax Images in Ads

The days of spammy, poorly designed ads are long gone. To keep ahead of the game in today’s advertising space it’s important to create ads that are compelling and visually pleasing to the users who see them.

One method an advertiser can use to stand out is through the use of more engaging visual effects and two that have really caught our eye here at eight&four are cinemagraphs and parallax effects.

Cinemagraphs are still photos with subtle motion included which creates the illusion of a “living photo”. Aside from looking great on-screen they are proven to be an effective method for boosting the performance of a Facebook or Instagram paid campaign. Ads that use these images receive 5X more clicks than regular static images.

We’re continuously looking to keep on top of the latest advertising trends and are excited to see the results of these new formats for the clients we work with over the next few months.

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