'Good Reads' April Edition

Happy Springtime and welcome to another instalment of interesting internet finds, this time brought to you by strategist Tony and lead developer Dan. This month we have some serious and vital work from Les Binet and Peter Field, a variety of brands landing their propositions through the humble medium of website and some contradictory news hinting at both the death and holy grail of social, private sharing and sales impact.


The Stupidity Of Sameness And The Value Of Difference
A powerful, in-depth look at the importance of brands standing out.

Short-Term Vs. Long-Term Effects Of Targeting
A great collection of charts worth getting your head around, taken from Les Binet and Peter Field’s marketing effectiveness work.

100 Websites That Shaped The Internet
This nostalgia trip through the world wide web’s more wholesome years will bring back a lot of memories and have you wonder, what ever happened to Yahoo?

Gen Z In Their Own Words
It’s interesting how much we use the term ‘Gen Z’ despite violently turning our backs on the ‘Millennial’ after using it for a solid three years. Right or wrong labels aside, this site by the New York Times treats us to a nice build of that demographic’s thoughts.

Perception Vs. Reality
IPSOS has produced a study looking at our misconceptions around crime, violence, sex, climate change and the economy.


Morthercare’s Redefinition Of Marketing To Mums
A nice reflection on the brand’s much-celebrated recent campaign.

Discover Martell
In a world of so much social content, it’s refreshing to see a brand invest this much in a web-based experience. In this case, we’ve a game and interactive 360 tour in one. Just don’t think about the likely ROI.

WeTransfer’s We Present
The brand expresses its alignment with creators but showcasing a broad variety’s stories and work.

An Innocent Pitch
One team’s tale of a long, long pitch process and the lessons learned. If your mates with more traditional, maths and science based jobs poke fun at you for making a living colouring things in, point them in this direction.

Information is Beautiful’s World Data Visualisation Prize
Here’s what magic happens when a bunch of datasets are offered out to data-loving designers.

Riding the Brexit Bandwagon
A quick look at some of the campaigns to come out of the seemingly never-ending Brexit shambles — including Marmite’s superb latest offering.

Japanese Video Game Art
If the history and world of video gaming wasn’t fascinating enough already, feast your eyes on this archive of Japanese artwork throughout it.


63% Of People Prefer To Share Content On ‘Dark Social’
Noticed your brand feeds aren’t that lively anymore? Here’s why.

Instagram’s New Checkout Feature
Suited for some brands and price ranges more than others, this new feature lets you purchase directly within the app.

The Influencer World’s Going Authentic
An extensive read about the world of influencer marketing and its efforts to keep it real.

Joe Rogan’s Galaxy Brain
I’m not clued up on this guy at all, but know lots of people that are and have some very strong opinions about the stuff they sprout on social media. This long-read dissects the guy’s content, appeal and the world of online contrarians.


Online Harms White Paper
The government’s recent launch of a white paper on online harm is an important read for everyone working in digital and social, in addition to obviously holding a lot of relevance to the general population. The full white paper can be read here (it’s a long one) whilst LSE and The Verge provide more analysis and reaction.

HSBC’s Universal Sound
A look at how HSBC are developing an audible brand identity following the ascent of voice technology.

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