'Good Reads' June Edition

Hello and welcome to another instalment of Good Reads, where we share some of the most interesting and fun web links we’ve enjoyed over the previous month. This time round, we’ve got a handful of very meaty industry reports, some lighter relief in the form of old school websites and a selection of recent award winning campaigns to get your creative juices flowing.


We begin this month’s collections of interesting websites with a feed of untitled Youtube uploads from around the world that have attracted barely any views. By simply reframing this mass of varied videos, the creators have made an interesting people-watching art project that is sure to distract you from your latest deadlines.

BBC Public Service Algorithm
This news story is not an example of creative web design but is full of admirable intent. The Beeb’s BBC Sounds platform is working on an algorithm aimed at bursting listeners’ bubbles with content outside of their echo chambers. If only Twitter and Facebook joined this party, we might all have slightly broader outlooks on the world!

Google Art Zoom: Masterpieces
Google brings us a selection of videos making use of their Art Camera project, which you can use to zoom in on paintings in great detail. Their Art Zoom offering includes 4 short videos, each of a celebrity narrating a zoom into a painting.

Ghost Signs
A website dedicated to ‘ghost signs’, the fading remains of painted signs. It’s always interesting looking back at branding and advertising from times gone by to provide sparks for the here and now.

The Old Net
GeoCities and AngelFire web masters rejoice! A new trip down the WWW’s past is before us. Don’t forget to sign the guestbook.


Ofcom State Of The Nation Report
This extensive report takes a detailed look at the attitudes and behaviours of UK internet users. This covers lots, from how we’re spending our time online to concerns around harmful aspects of online life and attitudes towards regulation. If you’re tackling a brief around online behaviour, privacy or just fancy dialling up your anxiety about this beast we’ve created, jump in.

Shopify State Of Retail Report
This report focuses on the US and Canada but is an interesting read for anyone that dabbles in e-commerce, covering the battle for brand loyalty, changing seasonal shopping trends and how people are shopping online in terms of device and times.

State of AI 2019
This is a great annual report for anyone interested in technology and specifically, artificial intelligence. It nicely kicks off with an upfront review of its previous edition’s predictions, looking at what’s come true and hasn’t, before going into profiling big players in this space and looking at how different industries are getting to grips with it.


What Is An Idea?
Some will argue that it’s important to limit how much you dissect a topic, for risk of zapping the soul out of it entirely. Those that don’t will love this long read by Mark Pollard on the use of the word ‘idea’, the different types of ideas out there and how to explain them.

Engineering Pre-Launch Product Hype
Once in a while we’re greeted with the challenge of marketing something that doesn’t exist or isn’t available yet. This SlideShare by the ever-generous Julian Cole suggests the best ways of doing that, with the help of some great case studies along the way.

Long Term Band Building
An interesting one for the musos amongst us, this looks at tactics record labels employ when it comes to record artwork.

The Mediocrity of Middle Distance Insight
Here’s an opinion piece and call-to-arms by Richard Huntington on the importance of avoiding middle-of-the-road insights and rooting our work in those that either comprehensively talk to broad human truths or those that get a handle on the close-up messiness of real human lives.

Effectiveness By Tweet
A Twitter thread (by a director at Twitter) showcasing the role of the platform in Nike’s incredibly successful and much-awarded Colin Kaepernick campaign – which ultimately pushed Nike’s share price to an all time high.


Why brands are now taking back control of their media spend
A new alliance of advertisers is aiming to push publishers and platforms such as Facebook and Google to improve the safety of the environments they create and to work to a set of actions and protocols in order to effect change.

YouTube Works: the 2019 winning campaigns
Here’s a run-through of the winners and work at the third Youtube Works Awards, with an admirable focus on results and effectiveness throughout.


Brand Twitter Grows Up
A great find by Imperica’s ever-exceptional Web Curios, this looks back at how brands have used Twitter over the years, from reactive Super Bowl tweets people are still (lazily) putting in their presentations to the power of strong tones of voice and the lightening speed reactions of community managers.

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