'Good Reads' March Edition

Another month, another dispatch of our Creative Strategist Tony Wright’s top internet finds. In this edition, there’s the good, bad and ugly of recent creative campaigns, lots of great reads on our relationship with technology and a little animated Prince for good measure.


25 Scenes. 25 Years
As we binge on Netflix more and seemingly talk about cinema less, this trip down memory lane looking at the 25 most influential movie scenes of the past 25 years is a nice reminder of the historic, culture defining power of Hollywood. The web design’s not too shabby either.

Politics. Tamed.
New Corp has launched an eye-catching campaign to show off The Times’ political coverage. Its cast of animals running loose in the Houses Of Parliament feels particularly topical following the past few days in Westminster..

The Seven Worlds
Hennessy XO has enlisted Ridley Scott to produce a short film expressing the blend’s seven flavour profiles, in arguably the most indulgent, long-winded brand asset of the year.

New Balance’s The Runaway Pub
The running specialist has opened a pop-up pub where runners can enjoy a free pint in exchange for Strava stats. The question has to be, what will sell more – their drinks or shoes?

Lexus’ 60,000 hour Documentary
In a fine example of platform/media as message, the automotive brand goes to great, looped efforts to land a point around human craft and technology. (There are 2 and 54 minute versions if you’re calendar’s too crowded.)

Questions In The Sky
Air France has created a nice web based campaign inviting young passengers to guide a plane around a series of questions ahead of their flight. If, like me, you board in disbelief at the incompetence of fellow travellers from time to time, you’ll agree this is as useful to some adult flyers as it is kids.

This engaging short film is best viewed on your smart phone and shows the day-in-the-life of a young person experiencing romance and dating in a digital and social media ruled world.

Media & Big Tech

CMA To Investigate UK Digital Ad Market
This is good news for any big corporations and brands investing heavily in the likes of Facebook and Google, who seem to increasingly be sneaking out press releases admitting that their analytics and reporting tools have misrepresented the reality of advertisers’ spending.

For The First time Big Tech Faces A Credible Threat
A government investigation and presidential campaign pledge doesn’t amount to a real tipping point, but you can’t view Elizabeth Warren’s thought to split up the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon as anything but positive when it comes to our uses and relationships with technology evolving for the better.

Brand & Strategy

Mars Rebrands With ‘Tomorrow Starts Today’
An interesting brand-purpose driven positioning from the FMCG giant which will appease those fond of CSR and a better world, and fuel the cynicism of those only just getting over Gillette-gate.

How The Brain Works
A fascinating resource by a neuroscience group at University of London, providing an overview on how the brain works, based on the most recent research.

Why Fashion Brands Must Try Harder To Capture The Muslim Pound
Strategists at our audience first agency loved this read, which looks at an often overlooked market and the importance of truly understanding and catering towards audience nuances.

Shutting Down Digital Marketing Teams For Good
There’s no surprises who wrote this opinion piece, which overlooks how many specialisms there are within the broad term ‘digital’. Of course, brands should have an integrated approach to marketing, but undervaluing the nuances of digital’s different disciplines is very risky business.

APG Think Tank
An absolute treasure chest of APG Creative Strategy Awards papers that it’s vital anyone working within advertising reads.

The World’s Most innovative Companies 2019
Fast Company’s fascinating annual rankings can be handily sort by category and are packed full of fascinating overviews and examples from the many brands included.

Opting Out Of Big Data
Want to turn your back on the man and unplug from the duopoly? It’s harder than you think and may leave you looking a little on the suspicious side.

How I Ditched My Phone And Unbroke My Brain
For anyone that dismisses the benefit of occasional digital detoxes, read here.

AR Will Spark The Next Big Tech Platform – Mirrorworld
A long by gripping read, particularly for science fiction fans, on a future world where there’ll be a digital/virtual version of everyone and everything, inevitably including brands.

Social & Web

What Does The Path To Fame Look Like?
Publisher The Pudding has launched an interesting data project visualising the rising profiles of public figures, based on their Wikipedia hits.

Google Earth’s The Journey Of Us
A fantastic and important project of an epic scale, packed full of really great content around black history.

Dollar Street
Imagine the world as a street organised by income and take a tour of each home.

Prince Giphy
Anyone familiar with the Purple One’s love/hate history with digital and social media (See: Decades of lawsuits closing down fan sites and Youtube clips) will be humoured by his estate’s move to launch this extensive cannon of Gifs.

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