'Good Reads' May Edition

Ah, May – the Ombre of seasons. Cold at the start but encouragingly sunny by the end, it’s the month where spring touches summer. It’s also the month where Adland makes a serious push to get summer campaigns live, and with D&AD winners announced and Cannes Lions just around the corner, it’s been an impressive few weeks for creative output. Get your juices flowing into June with our latest Goodreads, brought to you by eight&four’s Head of Creative Strategy, Tony Wright.


PITCH: David Abbott/BT
Get schooled in pitching by one of the greatest copywriters of all time with this classic piece of advertising history.

THE FRAMEWORK FACTORY – 20 Frameworks to steal
Everyone does it – go on, plan dirty.

A Marketing Effectiveness Reading List
Make the most of your summer downtime with this reading list for Adland.

Ikea has a new logo…and you probably didn’t even notice.
But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. This interesting case study shows why brands need to maintain attention to detail and carry out little tweaks to be fit for purpose across different channels and environments.

Advertising insights
Nerd out over these killer case studies, complete with insights.


Carlsberg overhauls beer and brand
The word-of-mouth generated by this, at least across industry, has been impressive. But isn’t the creative a bit, well, lazy? If the beer was totally new, shouldn’t the advertising be too?

The power of powerful creative vehicles
A smart read and guide to creative vehicles throughout advertising. This doesn’t have to end at ATL advertising.

Advertising in video games
Yes, creatives, those three years spent playing Fifa at University did indeed turn out to be valuable research.

The benefits of doing nothing
Is “always-on” the antithesis of creativity? Here’s why daydreaming is still key for creatives.

WTF is content?
One person’s efforts to establish what ‘content’ actually is.


15 months of fresh hell inside Facebook
Another month, another long read on the beast that is FB.

Influencers are out, slackers are in
Has the age of the influencer peaked?

Facebook’s redesign and future
Inside Facebook’s future and its plans for encryption.


Synthetic content raises the trust bar yet again
Forget ad and follower fraud. Introducing accent-deception via AI.

The National Geographic levels up infographics
The National Geographic takes interactive infographics into a new arena with this site on bird migration.

This deep neural network generates musical compositions
And the results are simultaneously better and more mind-numbing than you’d expect.

Meet the female gamers being paid to play Fortnite
How female gamers are bridging the gap between digital companionship, therapist and game buddy…and getting paid for it.


Twitch: Running the Numbers
This is a great read on the world of Twitch and video games streaming/viewing.

The unstoppable meme machine is tearing The Simpsons in two
Remember when the Simpsons used to be cool? Here’s how the internet helped one of the longest running shows of all time develop a split personality.

Turn your Spotify history into your dream festival line-up
Make your summer dreams come true.

The story of Lil Nas
How Lil Nas X took ‘Old Town Road’ from a TikTok meme to a number 1 hit.

Gen Z love closed captioning
Why closed captioning could be king in the attention economy.

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