Good Reads - November Edition

Hello and welcome to the penultimate Good Reads of the year, which we promise features not one Christmas campaign mention (because we all know a home furniture store’s effort has won that battle easily and speaks for itself, quite literally). This month, we’ve some great articles on the future, be it that of direct-to-consumer brands or over-looked but still-going-strong social platforms. There’s also some smart or simply fun brand activations and guides to the worlds of dusty message forums and Tik Tok.

Brands & Adland

Why Deliveroo, Costa & BrewDog are growing faster than other brands 
Kantar’s latest BrandZ ranking of the UK’s 75 most valuable brands is a great reminder that strong communication, innovation and a meaningful point of difference can help brands drive brand value and take on their categories leaders.

M&M’s pours £1.4 into digital to push new chocolate bar range in UK
Not long after Adidas gained lots of coverage and engagement around its decision to reconsider its digital spend, chocolate brand M&M’s is going all in on a new digital campaign to launch a new chocolate bar. Wisely, they’ve created over 50 different assets playing to each social platform’s (and algorithm’s) strength. It goes without saying that we’re big believes in digital, producing a broad variety of assets for a campaign and ensuring the right ones are targeting and resonating with the right audience segments.

Giphy Arcade’s Wendy’s World
The original mouthy fast-food chain in social has been busy following up its famous Twitter tone-of-voice by creating a playlist in Giphy’s new microgames platform. Whilst we’re not sure this will generate many bums on seats for the restaurant chain, it does feel like a nice quick win to help maintain the brand’s fun, playful online persona.

Is Amazon Unstoppable?
A very long but well-written and researched piece about the history and dominance of Amazon, the firm we’re all increasingly uneasy about the size of, but which we’ll no doubt be using a dozen or so times over the holiday season. Whether you’re a fan, critical or both, the scale of its operation and role in global society and culture is fascinating.

Why sonic branding is more than just the McDonald’s Jingle
The idea of brand jingles and sounds isn’t new, but the idea of sonic branding is gradually growing in popularity as a way of supporting and amplifying (apologies for the pun) brand identities. The Premier League example is particularly impressive – their track has over 1.5m listens on Spotify alone.

How Advertising Works
Les Binet breaks down the world of advertising in six simple lines.

Internet Culture

Twitter finds 75 micro-influencer groups ‘open’ for brand support
In an effort to attract advertisers, everyone’s favourite platform for passive aggression and rants has studied user data at a far more granular level than it has before, to identify 75 different communities. These are grouped by 10 broad categories such as fashion, gaming and sport, then divided further into sub-communities EG. Football > Grassroots Support. 

Board Reader
Getting stuck into some quick and dirty desk research? In just a click, Board Reader will deliver you any number of message boards and forum conversations around a specific keyword, not only helping you to get a quick snapshot of people’s thoughts, but a general reminder that online communities still exist in the shadows of Facebook and the like.

48 Hours In The Strange & Beautiful World Of TikTok
Still trying to full understand what TikTok is all about? Endure a clunky free registration process and let the New York Times shed some light on the matter.

Fortnite – Changing Video Game Storytelling For The Good
Whether you’re a gamer and fan of Fortnite or not, this overview on how it broke-the-internet recently is a fascinating read and a sign of things to come from big global entertainment titles.

The Millennial Urban Lifestyle Is About To Get More Expensive
An interesting piece on all of the many brands, services and products we’re relying on around the clock, day-to-day, but which aren’t profiting and may be giving us a nasty surprise come future scans down our bank statements.

Across The Web’s MS DOS Archive
Missing the days of gaming when you didn’t need a decent broadband connection or graphics card? Come right this way.’s done it again, providing a nostalgia trip for anyone old enough to remember Cannon Fodder, the 2D version of Sim City or Paperboy.

How Pinterest Built One Of Silicon Valley’s Most Successful Algorithms
If you’ve worked in digital and social media marketing for long enough, you’ll remember when Pinterest was the talk of the industry and Social Media Managers were scrambling to work out the platform’s role for their brands. Whilst that early hype has died down, the platform’s far from faded away. This piece details its growth, algorithm and self-imposed challenge of not doing what so many other companies in Silicon Valley have done before it.

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