Tony Wright's Good Reads Round-Up, February Edition

Creative Strategist Tony Wright is a serial sharer, ever nostalgic of the WWW’s early years of continual discovery and wonderment, and hellbent on unearthing online treasures pushed down the rankings by ads and algorithms.

In this new monthly blog fixture, you’ll find all of the many finds he’s busy Slacking us from week to week, with a sprinkling of opinion along the way.

Web design

Captain Marvel
Marvel Studios is promoting its new ’90s based Captain Marvel movie by going back to that era and revisiting its colourful, chaotic and arguably more creative standard of web design. The only thing they forgot is a web ring.

Mapping 24 Emotions Conveyed by Brief Human Vocalisation
A great use of web design to bring an academic paper on the vocalisation of emotions to life. Plug in your headphones and enjoy for surprisingly longer than you might expect.

Social media

My disabled son’s amazing gaming life in the World of Warcraft
A brilliant respite from the relentless onslaught of ‘social media is bad’ headlines and breakfast news segments currently dominating the media. Absolutely, digital and social has a lot of problems that need fixing, but it is not always or entirely bad. 

The clueless parent’s guide to understanding TikTok
Get up to speed on the latest must-know-about social media platform, just in time for it to disappear and be merged with something else. 


Lectures London
A rare example of education not always coming at a cost, this site lists the many university lectures happening across London that are open to the general public.

True Detective: How Bullshit Becomes A Fact
There are now more podcasts than there are people on Earth. We have smaller attention spans than that of a goldfish. Organic reach on Facebook now averages out at 0.29581% …we are all guilty of accepting and/or creating white lies from time to time. As this investigation shows, they can quite easily stick and hang around for a long, misleading time.

Crypto exchange says it can’t repay $190 million to clients after founder dies with only password
How one headline poured scorn over the endless inclusions of cryptocurrency in all the year-end/beginning trends reports.

The economic costs and benefits of AirBnB
If you bite into your vegan burger from Deliveroo wondering what consequence your laziness might be having on the local chippy, or ponder the homelessness of an individual you notice from the hippest, most authentic balcony in town whilst on holiday, you’ll love this extensive study on the pros and cons of the sharing economy, looking specifically at AirBnb.

Strategy is valuable, so why don’t we value it?
A strong reprisal to those that disregard or devalue the role of strategy as part of the creative process.


ISBA rebukes IAB’s Clickheads ad: ‘rip up this campaign before it does any more damage’
Whilst we continue to mourn the replacement of battle rap with silly little Twitter exchanges between rich millionaires, about their millionaire model wives, thank God for the ISBA and IAB who are currently beefing about a ‘clickhead’ campaign on the adoption of better ad measurement standards. Shots fired!


Reinventing An American Icon
A strangely fascinating and satisfying piece on packaging design, detailing how Amazon and P&G turned the classic Tide bottle into a box and its own shipping container.

Recode Running
Resurrect your New Year’s marathon resolutions that you’ve probably already forgotten about with this new campaign by Adidas Running, a fine example of brands really entrenching in, understanding and catering to their passion points of focus.

Work and life of Stanley Kubrick
This is probably one of the longest web page scrolls in history, about one of history’s finest filmmakers.

Fred Perry x Raf Simons
To launch its latest collection, fashion brand Fred Perry has created an interactive Google Streetview inspired virtual world, complete with various residents you can buy the clothes of.

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