How the new changes to Facebook’s API affect its partners

Facebook’s promise to keep user’s data safe and secure which resulted in an extended change to their APIs has impacted the way all partners access data. Such companies include Hootsuite which as one of Facebook’s strategic partners fully support the changes to the platform’s terms of service.

Moreover, they see the new updates quintessential to maintaining trust between Hootsuite’ customers and Facebook’s ones.

Nevertheless, some of these changes have impacted or will impact Hootsuite functionality.


Here’s how:

Facebook Group, Event, and Page Search streams will no longer show identifiable user information like their username and profile picture.

Facebook Page Search streams will be deprecated. It will no longer be possible to add streams for Pages unless you own them.

Facebook Events and Groups will be removed from the dashboard, including:

  • Events streams for Facebook profiles, groups, and Pages.
  • All Facebook Group streams: Timeline, Scheduled, and Activity.
  • Publishing to Groups.

Facebook Pages added or reconnected in Hootsuite after April 4 will no longer support Facebook private messaging functionality. This means that the following will no longer be available:

  • Messages stream for Facebook Pages.
  • Automation and assignments for Facebook private messages.

Mentioning Instagram users, Facebook Pages, or Facebook users in posts will no longer be supported.

Tagging Facebook branded content will no longer be supported.

Liking Instagram posts or comments will no longer be supported.

Following or unfollowing Instagram users will no longer be supported.

Commenting on Instagram posts will no longer be supported, except Instagram Business profiles that can continue commenting on their own posts.

Instagram user search streams will be deprecated.

Instagram data will no longer be available in Hootsuite Impact’s Brand Tracker module.

Identifiable Instagram user information such as usernames and profile pictures will no longer be displayed in hashtag/location searches, comments in Analytics, and mentions in Hootsuite Insights.

Instagram profiles which show user bio, followers, following and recently posted media will no longer be available.


Companies that manage a number of social media accounts across differing platforms are amongst the parties affected by these changes.

Although, these updates won’t dramatically affect businesses that are using social media legitimately, they may generate frustration amongst customers and make some of the more popular third-party platforms less useful.

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