Influencers vs Co-Creators

Influencers and Co-creators can both play invaluable roles within your digital strategy and while they can be considered similar concepts, they can have very different outcomes and value, so need to be properly understood to achieve the best results.


Influencers are more traditional taste-makers (née bloggers) who spread the word of businesses to their engaged audiences by leveraging their own social media channels. Their follower count usually ranges from 5K upwards and often the smaller the audience, the more credibility in tow. We work with them to spread awareness and access their followers, who, more than often, will take their advice where relevant. Influencers stay at hotels, review skin care products and tag the outfits they’re wearing- acting as a walking, talking billboard.

For example:


Co-creators are creatives who help to interpret or represent a business through content generation. We aren’t reliant on their social media platforms or audiences to facilitate the output of their work and won’t even necessarily ask them to post the content on their channels, therefore the size of their following isn’t an important factor in their selection. They are generally professional content producers such as photographers, videographers and artists, who follow a brief to generate content to be seeded on a brand’s social media platforms. Often these creators will have a presence on social media merely as a portfolio of their abilities and as a means to attract new business. Co-creators produce high quality, thumb stopping content at the fraction of the production cost of running a whole shoot.

For example:

Both influencers and co-creators serve different purposes when it comes to boosting a brand’s social media presence and can be used in unison during the same campaign. Take an example of a new hotel opening – an influencer could stay for two nights, posting Instagram feed posts and stories with the hotel’s geolocation, telling their followers about the facilities and showcasing the destination. A co-creator could visit the hotel to create social-first imagery highlighting all the hotel has to offer, for the brand to seed on their channel and paid social.

As the industry begins to evolve away from an obsession with vanity metrics, we need to focus resources and budget into the production of high-quality and relevant content that will help to reach KPI’s. A combined approach using both influencers and co-creators is one of the best ways to achieve this.

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