Marketing in the Age of Digital Disillusionment

Today we launched the first of our ‘Talk less. Say more’ Breakfast series with a select group of senior travel and hospitality marketers from Cosmos, Sandals UK, Din Tai Fung,, CG Restaurants, The Sloane Club, The Allbright, Apex Hotels and Tourism Western Australia.

The topic for the day was: Marketing in the Age of Digital Disillusionment. The aim was to discuss how marketers can navigate this ever more complex, confusing space and arm our guests with some practical solutions they can incorporate into their day-to-day.

Within the session, we discussed some pretty thought-provoking stuff including the current state of play for digital, the terrors of what the news headlines depict and some serious mythbusting on what the real story actually is. Alongside some key insights into digital usage and habits, we also looked more specifically at travel and hospitality, levels of spend and the importance of digital for future growth and innovation.

We wrapped up the session with two key takeouts: we need to be audience-first and brand second.

Being audience-first means we really need to nail the holy grail of measurement. But with so much data at our fingertips, the real skill lies in understanding which data should be used at the right time. Use this to formulate your killer audience insight and you’ll be on the right path.

Being brand second is about constantly reminding ourselves not to push out self-serving, uninteresting content that fails to resonate. Our recommendation is to keep it short and sweet to achieve maximum impact. And, where possible, consider a co-creator strategy that can really offer authentic, stand-out content.

Download the full presentation here (4.1 MB).

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