Social Media Trends: Facebook Pages and New Call-To-Action Button Options

At eight&four we are always on the lookout for new and exciting trends in Social Media and this one caught our attention because of the exciting opportunities it could lead to for Facebook and its users.

Up until now, the call-to-action buttons that brands could use on their posts and pages were quite limited with advertisers having to choose the one which was the best suited to their product or service. Now, Facebook is partnering with multiple third-party providers to help businesses offer a seamless user experience for booking an appointment, buying a dinner or purchasing tickets.

The new “Shop Now”, “Get Quote” and “Request Time” call-to-action buttons automatically create a Facebook Messenger thread between the user and the business. Users will then be able to interact directly with them through either a human or a bot and make their bookings, ask questions or place orders. Through this streamlined integration with 3rd party providers Facebook is hoping to cement itself as an internet hub, keeping users within the Facebook platform for as long as possible rather than sending them to external sites.

Not only will this be a great help to Facebook users, it will allow Facebook to capture more data about each user and feed it back into their targeting system, ultimately leading to Facebook becoming an even more useful platform for advertisers.

The team here at eight&four are closely monitoring this development to find the best ways we can use them for our clients and the audiences they want to reach.

So what are the future opportunities and possibilities of this development? Here are a few ideas we had;

  • Will these call-to-actions become available to use in ads?
  • Will Facebook become a shop platform in itself?
  • With shopping and web browsing increasingly available through Facebook, will there be any reason for users to leave the platform at all?

These are all interesting question in their own right and as a media team we’re very excited to see where this leads to in the future. Call-to-action buttons seem to be just the start of Facebook’s push to become the centre of its user’s web experience.

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