With Social Power Comes Social Responsibility: LADbible’s Approach to Meaningful Campaigns.

LADbible was created when co-founder Arian Kalantari finished university and realised there was a lack of media catering for a generation obsessed with social and all things digital. It was from this that born LADbible was born – first launched on Facebook, a truly social first publisher.  Since opening in 2012, LADbible has become one of the biggest social publishers in the world. In the UK alone, more than one in two 18 to 30-year-olds follow them.

But with such incredible social reach, how does the publisher take its responsibility as a voice of a generation seriously? We went along to Social Media Week London where co-found of the LADbible’s Group Arian Kalantari was interviewed. This is what we learnt…

The publisher has become a trusted voice for their community. Over the five and a half years they’ve adapted to their audience’s behaviours including the huge shift in video usage, now garnering five billion video views a month. This openness to change has, in turn, gained LADbible six million followers across the various bibles over all platforms, forty million unique visitors to the website each month and a reach of one billion to news feeds per month.

Arian Kalantari describes how LADbible talks to people differently than traditional publishers. As content has evolved young people are exposed to so much more than they were ten years ago. Therefore, making a difference is important. If you’re out having a beer with a friend five years ago you might not have felt comfortable talking about, for example, mental health. Now it’s more approachable to have these conversations with your friends, and LADbible want to act as a gateway to fuel these conversations.

Their social responsibility programme started on Instagram, asking their community what they wanted to see being discussed more on social and among the funny requests three overall subjects stood out: politics, mental health and the environment. From this, they started with a 2,000-word article on why men who suffer from anxiety need to be taken more seriously. The article was shared roughly 12,500 times, liked 40,000 times and reached a staggering 5.5 million people on Facebook alone. Within hours their inbox was flooded with messages. Off the back of this article, they launched their UOKMATE? Campaign designed specifically to get people talking.

The LADbible co-founder goes on to explain how their audience is the core of everything they do, emphasising that together they can make a difference

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