Using Social to support Dechoxers quit chocolate and raise funding

with British Heart Foundation

The Project

Every March the BHF runs Dechox, encouraging chocoholics across the UK to quit cocoa and raise cash to beat heart disease. Competing with the likes of Stoptober, Dry January and Movember, BHF wanted to use social media to transform their stewardship process – motivating, encouraging and creating a community around quitting, without relying on health-related messaging.

Objectives and Obstacles

  • Making quitting chocolate a sponsor-worthy event, just like quitting alcohol or cigarettes
  • Creating a seamless stewardship journey – from sign-up right through to completion of the challenge
  • Creating a messaging framework which avoids the use of health-related motivators
  • Fostering a supportive Dechox community

Dechoxing the nation

Having started with a competitor audit, we used social listening to understand our prime prospects and previous participants – tapping into their conversations to understand how they relate to BHFs charity drive. Armed with this insight, we set about developing our social strategy, detailing key content themes, a glossary and preparing a suite of content to use online.

Keeping our tone fun and light-hearted, we supported our prospects at every stage of their Dechox journey, posting reactive and scheduled social content alongside user-generated content. The campaign culminated with a big wrap-up video showcasing all the best UG content, cementing the sense of Dechox having been a shared journey.

Our Partnership, moving forward

We’ve been managing Dechox on social media for 3 years now, and we’re BHF’s rostered social agency – but our relationship with the British Heart Foundation doesn’t stop there. We provide the charity with creative and strategic support on numerous projects, from storyboarding and video production to digital campaign assets and social strategy.

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