Inspiring a Nation to Learn CPR

with British Heart Foundation

The Project

Restart a Heart Day is an annual event where BHF teams up with other key charities to teach as many people as possible to learn CPR. Many people feel a lack of confidence when it comes to performing this life-saving skill, so BHF needed to challenge perceptions, boost the public’s confidence and communicate the message that doing something is better than doing nothing.

Our creative concept, ‘Don’t Think Twice’, focused on the idea of everyday risk to land the message that performing CPR shouldn’t be a second thought. Comparing humorous everyday situations with the zero risk of performing CPR, this channel-agnostic creative solution drove home our complex key messages in a digestible, fun way.

The campaign was rolled out across out-of-home, Tinder (a BHF first) and social, supported by a robust paid social strategy. eight&four also created an email stewardship journey with dedicated case studies to support the ‘act now’ message and applied new messaging to BHF’s CPR training video and case studies.

With high recall amongst viewers and nearly 6 in 10 survey participants stating improved confidence in performing CPR, the campaign effectively achieved BHF’s aims of effecting behavioural change in the British public.

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