Targeting a UK audience with the message of Spanish hospitality

with Gran Melia

The Project

Gran Melia is a brand steeped in Spanish heritage which is experienced by the guest through every touchpoint in their stay. eight&four are the creative agency for this brand and we work in partnership with both global and regional teams to develop campaign concepts, messaging strategy and channel collateral.

For Summer 2017 we developed a creative platform targeting the UK-specific market: ‘Discovery Awaits’.

Objectives and Obstacles

eight&four were briefed to come up with a solution to the following problems the brand encounters when targeting the UK with this brand:

  • Low awareness and understanding of what the brand has to offer in the UK
  • Modernising perceptions of Gran Melia
  • Spanish hospitality had typically been depicted through the use of red as a symbol – which could at times jar with the 5* offering

How we helped

eight&four created a campaign called ‘Where Luxury Begins, Discovery Awaits’ as a solution to these problems.

‘Discovery Awaits’ – Gran Melia is about stepping into a world of luxury that unlocks memorable and unique experiences for the guest – whether that’s about a personalised gastronomic experience or a private boat excursion onto secret beaches.

We wanted to bring this to life through our messaging platform to build intrigue around a brand which is widely unknown/ misunderstood in the UK market.

You can see application of the messaging concept across multiple media touchpoints to the right.

The messaging platform was so successful in the UK that it has since been rolled out across Europe.

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