Repositioning a globally renowned luxury hotel chain as a facilitator of contemporary European culture

with ME by Meliá

The Project

ME by Melià is known for its modern designs, luxurious hotels and lifestyle heritage – but with a string of exactingly designed hotels placed in cultural epicentres across Europe, ME by Melià was looking to align itself with the new semiotics of luxury and gain fame for its cultural positioning, rather than its glitz and glamour.

Objectives and obstacles

  • Moving away from the old brand positioning (ME. It’s all about you) while ensuring that the new positioning felt like a natural evolution of the brand
  • Developing communications that fit seamlessly with the brand’s existing pillars (The ME Scene and The ME people), appealing to our new target prospects without alienating existing guests
  • Ensuring the new positioning was communicated clearly, online and offline, across all destinations
  • Uniting the different personalities of each hotel under a single, overarching concept

Celebrating the ME vibe

Taking advantage of ME by Melià’s 10th anniversary to roll out the new brand positioning, we worked in tangent with local and international social and PR agencies to develop a global, always-on campaign which placed ME’s cultural offering at its heart. In partnership with ME by Melià’s internal team, we created a series of onsite activations at the hotels, each designed to showcase the culture generated by the hotel and its surroundings.

We were responsible for the look and feel of each event, leading the creative development of all marketing collateral with the campaign concept at the forefront: storyboarding videos, creating flyers, posters and invitations, art-directing professional photography and mobilising our network of influencers to amplify the campaign. We made the local global: increasing brand credibility and awareness by bringing each event to our international audience through videos, livestreams, creative collaborations and social activations.

Our Partnership, moving forward

With 25% of audiences who saw our content actively engaging with it, and 32,360 new Facebook fans garnered during the campaign period, our Ten Years of ME campaign brought ME by Melià’s new positioning to their desired prospects. We worked with the client to create a new set of language around their positioning, as well as creating new guidelines for the brand’s look & feel and providing yearly conference training to ME by Melià’s global social team.

We’re currently working with ME by Melià on a second always-on campaign to further cement their positioning as a facilitator of culture – and celebrating our fourth year of partnership with the brand.

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