Client: Royal Salute

Royal Salute

Bringing an exclusive VIP experience to a wider audience, through positioning and storytelling

Key Information

Project Date: 2018 - present

Location: London, UK

The Project

Royal Salute is an extraordinary whiskey. Produced by Chivas Brothers, their whiskeys start where other whiskeys finish – at a minimum of 21 years matured. It’s a premium offering, purchased at travel outlets, exclusive food halls and revered institutions like Selfridges and Harrods, and every year Royal Salute hosts a unique tasting for their VIP guests, cementing their relationship with royals, polo players and a selection of handpicked celebrities. In 2018, Royal Salute wanted to bring this experience to their wider audience – bringing the aspiration of this VIP-only event to their audiences.

Objectives and Obstacles

  • Bringing an exclusive event to life for a removed audience
  • Storytelling for an international audience, with Royal Salute’s biggest markets being Asia, Taiwan, China and Vietnam
  • Bringing this key Royal Salute moment to life online

How we Helped

With legendary nose Barnaby Fillion collaborating with Royal Salute as a creative advisor, 2018’s event involved Barnaby leading a select few through the aromas, flavours and crafting process of Royal Salute, against the stunning backdrop of Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. The visual and videographic opportunities provided by this were immense – but the olfactory angle would, naturally, be harder to capture for our digital audiences.

We decided to make Barnaby the face of the campaign, developing a digital strategy designed to bring his unique insights to the consumer. We created a messaging strategy, worked with a production agency to painstakingly storyboard a promo video which would be shot on the day of the event, ensuring they were fully briefed before attending – and then worked to create three distinct storytelling pillars. Focusing on Time, Senses and Process, our campaign covered videography, storytelling, visual assets, messaging and digital collateral – leveraging the Olfactory Adventure as an unforgettable moment in the life of the Royal Salute brand.

Our partnership, moving forward

We work with Royal Salute on a retained basis, helping them to evolve their content and develop their channels to resonate with a modern luxury audience. We also help to amplify content by forming partnerships with influencers – bringing Royal Salute to a new generation of prestige whiskey-drinkers.