Client: Sol Hotels

Sol House: Mixed by Ibiza Rocks

Working with OK!, Hannah Louise F and Zoe London to launch Sol House Mixed by Ibiza Rocks.

Key Information

Project Date: July 2016

Location: San Antonio, Ibiza

Content produced and shared by our influencers at the launch party in 2016 created 40,000 engagements across Twitter and Instagram

The Project

Sol House wanted to transform a dated resort into an aspirational brand, encapsulating the sleek party lifestyle. To do this they needed to connect with a younger target audience, so they partnered with Ibiza Rocks to build a ravenous fan base with solid support from the music industry.

eight&four were invited to lead on the development of the social media strategy for this new brand.  We developed an engaging new audience influencer strategy to promote the Mixed By message and conducted on-site training in Mallorca and Ibiza, teaching both hotel teams content gathering, creation and guest engagement methods.

Seeking the aspirational party tourist audience

We developed and implemented an extensive influencer strategy – key to promoting the Mixed By message to the target market of social media lovers, Instagrammers & Youtubers.

Through meticulous selection we connected Zoe London, Hannah Louise F and the Head of Social for OK! Magazine to participate in the launch as they had a strong interest in music, innovative design and aspirational lifestyle experiences.

Bringing the mixed vibe

We art directed a new suite of content to attract the attention of a younger, more cultured audience using cleaner images, a cooler tone of voice, and content created by influencers.

Reaching 1 million Mixed By people in 1 evening

Our influencers had a combined Twitter audience of 613k, a combined Instagram audience of 220k and gained over 40k likes over the 3 days at Sol House. Additionally, Sol House premiered its first live stream, gaining 1.9K views.

Comparing our results to the previous year we exceeded all targets across reach, engagement and follower growth, successfully launching the new concept to a fresh and relevant audience who continue to be highly engaged year round.

Content produced and shared by our influencers at the 2016 launch party created 40,000 engagements across Twitter and Instagram.