Humanising heart disease to remind the public to keep fighting.

with The British Heart Foundation

The Project

Heart disease kills 1 in 4 people in the UK, but it’s often seen as a lifestyle-related illness, or wrongly assumed to be largely under control. The British Heart Foundation has been fighting for every heartbeat for over fifty years, but they rely on public donations to keep making new breakthroughs. When they created a nationwide brand campaign to give the sufferers of heart disease a voice, eight&four was invited to develop the social media strategy.

Objectives and Obstacles

  • To create a sense of urgency around heart disease, dispelling myths around who it affects and why
  • Putting a human face on heart disease, and telling the story of its sufferers
  • To support the campaign objectives of raising awareness and donations

How We Helped

We set out to communicate BHF’s core message that heart disease can affect anybody, anytime, anywhere – by developing a social-first campaign strategy which put native content at its heart. We asked BHF’s benefactors to create direct, authentic video content for us, then connected with celebrity brand ambassadors and real-life supporters to create social-first self-shot video content. The variety of our ambassadors reflected the range of people who suffer from heart disease – and the direct, simple and authentic approach to storytelling resulted in some truly thought-provoking, emotional content.

We wanted to create a long-term narrative that went beyond a single story, taking our audience on an emotional journey – so we kicked off campaign activity with hard-hitting stories about heart disease sufferers. These supported the TV ad campaign, providing additional info and authentic insight – and as the campaign progressed, our narrative showcased survivors of heart disease, showing the real impact BHF’s work has had on ordinary people’s lives.

Supported by the TV campaign, our celebrity ambassadors and a robust paid social campaign, we achieved a reach of 12.1 million people during the campaign period – including a 108% increase in reach on Facebook, and 85% on Twitter. We generated 20,000 new followers and helped BHF obtain a 3% increase in share of engagement against their competitors, a strong indicator of a successful campaign.

Our Partnership, Moving Forward

As BHF’s rostered social agency, we continue to support the charity by creating social and creative strategy for their brand campaigns.

Social content produced during the campaign period reached 12.1 million people on Facebook and generated 3.15 million impressions on Instagram and Twitter.

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