Launching The Switch: a social-first storytelling campaign for ME by Meliá's ME Scene

with ME by Meliá

The Project

Bringing the ME scene to life through The Switch, an interactive social-first storytelling campaign.


Every year, ME by Melia launches a one-line campaign to promote The ME Scene – a celebration of the cultural and social scene surrounding ME’s luxury hotels. Highlighting key brand pillars of fashion, music, art, design and culture, ME by Melia wanted 2017’s campaign to use storytelling to celebrate the theme ‘Art Meets Music’. Moving away from mere product promotion into a sophisticated amplifying of the emotional and intellectual benefits of the ME brand, the campaign would need to be social-first, seeking ME fans on their native platforms.

Objectives and Obstacles

  • Appealing to a culture-savvy and brand-sceptical audience through powerful storytelling
  • Breathing life into the campaign’s positioning of ‘Be Seen. Stay at ME’
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships to bring brand awareness and portray ME by Melia as an aspirational, relatable brand.

How We Helped

 We engaged with emerging young director 41 Blackford to direct our lead piece of creative, The Switch, which would be an interactive video allowing viewers to “switch” between two sides of the same story by clicking their screen. Music was created by Alyusha and two US influencers starred in the campaign video, which featured a topical and provocative story around two guests who find their luggage has been switched, and decide to assume each other’s identity for the duration of their stay.

The video, which was supported by a key messaging strategy and paid social campaign, reached 1.1 million people, a 13% increase on the previous year. 160,000 people viewed the campaign with a CPV of 5%, 85% lower in cost than the previous year, and we also generated 821,000 content engagements, a 112% increase from the previous period. A noticeable increase in traffic to ME by Melia’s booking site was recorded, with 2,139 link clicks on promoted posts to the site resulting in a measurable increase in bookings.

Our Partnership, Moving Forward

We’ve been ME by Melia’s social media agency for more than four years, and their creative agency for a year, so we continue to craft regular campaigns for the brand, as well as ongoing management of their brand channels. Our most recent campaign, Into The Scene, is currently live – watch the campaign video here.

Working with influencers 41 Blackford and Alyusha, we created an innovative social-first interactive video that reached 1.1 million people

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