eight&four Evolves

  • Agency news

If you’ve been playing close attention to the eight&four social channels over the past few weeks, you’ll have noticed a few things have changed.


We're excited to announce that ten years after eight&four was acquired by Cubo Group, Cubo Group has now offically been renamed to the eight&four Group.


This decision was made due to eight&four's significant growth over the the year period, emerging as the Group's largest agency.


Kate Ross and Amy McCulloch, eight&four co-founders and MD's, took over leadership of the eight&four Group in 2022, and have presided over the Group scaling 25%, to 120 people and £12.5m income in that time.


The eight&four Group oversees eight&four; a social and content agency, Inkling; a PR and experiential agency and Feed; a production studio. We also retain a Cubo business unit which leads all sales and marketing activity for SeaWorld in the UK.


We’re excited to see what the future has in store for everyone who’s a part of the eight&four Group.