Shooting Worldwide Launch Content for Canon's Latest PTZ Camera and Controller

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As the demand for remote broadcast solutions shot up since the pandemic, Canon has steadily established its portfolio of professional 4K pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras. The CR-N100 is the newest addition and completes the line-up of versatile remote-controlled cameras which are designed to meet all kinds of production and streaming needs. At the same time, the brand was launching the much-anticipated RC-IP1000 PTZ controller, considered a game-changer for offering the complete broadcast-standard package.

Our challenge was to devise a creative approach that showcased the products in a range of locations and scenarios, while communicating the technical features and benefits.

The content deliverables included 3-minute hero videos, 15-second social cutdowns and a variety of lifestyle and ambient photography for use across website, social and digital.

The PTZ camera was aimed at the entry-level B2B market, including corporate, education, live events and content creators. The PTZ controller, by contrast, targeted the high-end broadcast market, such as TV studios, live event companies and production houses. The content would be localised and seeded across international markets.

To double down on the entry-level positioning of the PTZ camera, we recognised that ease-of-use was most important for our target audience who don’t have industry expertise. We aimed to embody the idea of ‘Easy as PTZ’ throughout our video, whether it’s plug-and-play ease or intuitive self-operation.  

One of the features of the PTZ controller which stood out to our creative team was the LCD display touchscreen which could relay live camera feeds. We used this split-screen interface as our main visual device to divide our film into 4 chapters, mirroring how the product works. With an array of buttons and controls, the controller’s tactility was also key to get across.

After scouting locations, we organised two separate, one-day shoots at Middlesex University and Fabulr Studios. The student campus offered great versatility, from wide lecture halls to compact conference rooms, plus a theatre. Due to the specialist nature of the controller, we chose to hire a professional TV studio to shoot it in a real broadcast environment. 

The PTZ CR-N100 Camera Shoot

By capturing video and stills concurrently across two different location setups, we maximised our time on set, seamlessly swapping over at planned intervals. As a result, we efficiently captured four use case scenarios for our hero film and lifestyle photography, demonstrating the flexibility of the CR-N100 camera. Key features we showcased in action included the 4K image quality, 20x optical zoom and Hybrid Auto Focus, as well as a multi-cam setup.

To bring the working environments to life, we cast four actors and dozens of extras, including a dancer and yoga instructor. We also saved sample footage straight out of the camera to show the 4K quality and the before and after of ‘scene modes’ in post.

The RC-IP1000 Controller Shoot

Aimed at a professional broadcast market, the client wanted this video to cover the key features of the controller. Visually we wanted to highlight the human touch and create a world of total precision to tie into the overarching benefit. We achieved this through close-ups of interaction across a range of physical touchpoints showing the controller being operated in a live TV environment, from joystick to zoom rocker.

Forming four chapters in the edit, we developed a linear narrative from initial connectivity and set-up through to professional design features and advanced control elements. The footage was balanced between the hero product on its own and the controller fully connected in situ.

We shot the lifestyle and ambient photography tailored to the product page wireframe to highlight specific benefits with a cohesive suite of assets.

"Working with the eight and four crew has been nothing but incredible.

The team are organised, resourceful, and dedicated to ensuring our marketing content is completed in a timely and effective manner. One thing I like about eight and four is the flexibility they have to work with changing timelines and resources, and everything is communicated and executed exactly in the way we hoped for. Look forward to working on the next project with the team and hope they can continue the great work!"

Matthew Koshy

European Pro & B2B Product Marketing, Canon EMEA

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