Taking the Famous Candy Cup Beyond the Game

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Candy Cup has it all... it's big, fun and gives Candy players the chance to win huge prizes. Our challenge was to extend the fun beyond the game and into social - and what a great challenge to have!

Since Candy Cup is the only global tournament in Candy Crush Saga, we wanted to create something that extended our players chances of winning.

What better way to do this than to hide Candy Cups all over official King Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts and on the King Community forum?

Successful hide-and-seekers would be rewarded with in-game and real-life prizes - more chances to win means maximising the fun!

We used a multi-channel approach, creating content that differed between platforms to avoid repetition and to create a real buzz for the activation. This also allowed us to take full advantage of the native features specific to each platform.

On Facebook we utilised key Candy Cup art to create a series of statics where audiences were challenged to find hidden cups in different scenes. On Instagram, followers were exposed to a suite of videos, each asking viewers a specific question about the video.

For X, we wrote ‘build your own adventure’ threads where followers answered different questions and pathways in order to reach the prize. And finally, we created candy-themed riddles, posted in the King Community forum to generate excitement for the Candy Crush Saga super fans.

Having an interactive hunt that ran across all channels meant that people could enter on a platform they'd normally interact with Candy Crush Saga on. We also let people know where they could visit to participate each day, driving new followers to channels.

To help make the Candy Cup (and our scavenger hunt) a truly global event, we gave players an extra chance to win if they were the first person to enter from their country. They were encouraged to add their country's flag in the comments alongside their answer.

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