Consistently Delivering High Volume, Performance-Driven Mobile Content

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    8 Years

With over 200 game titles developed and 270 million monthly users globally, King is one of the leading mobile game producers in the world.

As King's main creative production partner since 2017, our role is to ideate and deliver high-volume creative video content to their internal studio each month - inspired by rising cultural & social trends. Performance data is then used to continuously enhance the diverse set of workstreams.

Knowing your players is key.

Several of King’s titles — the likes of Candy Crush Saga — are global phenomena.

With the games drawing adults of all ages from across every continent, from people playing for fun to ultra competitive gamers, it’s vital we understand what’s driving people to play the game, and find news ways to cut through in a cluttered mobile game space.

Content is seen across a wide range of formats and platforms, but in all instances engagement is crucial.

Combining our performance driven creative approach with our social listening Culture Lab team, we continuously innovate and tweak our concepts and output on a channel-by-channel basis to drive up download rates.

In a ultra competitive market it’s vital that our creative is ahead of the game.

Our Culture Lab team keep on top of competitor activity, trends in the sector (and beyond), and owned performance data, culminating in client/agency ideation sessions that produce fresh concepts focused on new benchmark performance beaters.

All of our creatives have a background in motion, allowing us the flexibility to mobilise quickly when briefs come in.

What’s more all of our creative team are client facing meaning we work directly with clients to fully collaborate on challenges.

Our fleet of in-house animation talent collaborate on multiple projects a month to create dozens of ads for the likes of Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue and Farm Heroes.

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