Elevating the Role of Social for a Culture-Driven Luxury Audience

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    8 Years

In 2019 we identified an opportunity to maximise content investment, reach and engagement through the consolidation of their complex social media ecosystem — the results were dramatic, and by month 3 of the consolidation process we had driven up post engagements and post reach by nearly 300%

ME by Meliá has historically operated on social like many other hotels do: a brand hub social channel with individual channels for each hotel and location.

In this scenario, investment is duplicated across locations and sometimes audiences, and it is a missed opportunity to tell the full, global story of the brand. On the other hand, the pros include the ability to reach a local audience with a local and relevant message.

Our strategy ensured we kept the best of both worlds whilst ensuring we maximise on social and content investment.

The brand needed a new global/local editorial approach for a new era.

In January 2019 we transferred close to 1 million fans of the brand from local hotel pages into a single brand profile across Facebook and Instagram.

Tied to this was a new editorial approach that ensured local hotel exposure and global brand storytelling, and a global paid media and influencer plan was deployed to reinforce the global/local story by cross-selling new hotel locations to existing fans of the brand.

Our paid media plan also included the implementation of targeted dark paid activity for hyper-local in-hotel activations.

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