King Loyalty Programme: Turning Play into Perks for Exclusive Members

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Candy Crush Saga is one of the world’s biggest and most popular games with hundreds of thousands of players daily. For King, the challenge was ensuring high expectations were met when they decided to launch their first-ever loyalty programme, in a bid to help bring the Royalty value proposition to life with a brand identity that made players feel recognised and rewarded.

We needed to build trust with the established Candy Crush Saga audience and give them clear reasons to leave their favourite game to spend their time and money in a separate portal. 

For them to stay on top of their game, we needed to ensure that they felt like valued players of Candy Crush Saga. So for us to fully understand the game, we had to play the game. We knew that overall, engagement was the key to success, and the key to winning over our King-obsessed audience.

Candy Crush Saga is a fast-paced game, so naturally, there will always be new and exciting updates for players to enjoy. This meant we had to be reactive and forward-thinking with our content.

We created a monthly content plan running across CRM, editorial, and in-game advertising to support Royalty’s VIP value proposition. Our in-house specialists immersed themselves in the world of Royalty ensuring they not only knew the game and the programme inside out but were able to create content quickly and effectively. High-profile collabs include partnering with Khloe Kardashian and Meghan Trainor who unwrapped jars of exclusive content through Royalty to celebrate 10 years of Candy Crush.

We also used our extensive expertise combined with ongoing performance learnings to tweak our concepts and output to give our content the best chance of landing perfectly.

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We love working with eight&four... our trusted partners we can always rely on them to turn around our CRM and marketing content very quickly, despite us working across multiple time zones. Most importantly though, we've had some fantastic creative ideas from the team which have resulted in significantly higher engagement levels from our members".

Simmi Bajaj

Loyalty Marketing Director

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