Year-Round Social Content Capture in Iconic London Areas

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Grosvenor is London’s largest and oldest private landlord. They own Mayfair and Belgravia, two of the most charming and desirable neighbourhoods in the city. They asked us to revamp their Instagram channels for both areas to increase followers and drive content engagement.

Over 400 tenants are based across both Mayfair and Belgravia. These range from food and fashion to lifestyle and galleries. Each one of these tenants request to be regularly featured on the relevant Instagram channel in some way shape or form. We needed to create a way or working that allowed us to keep on top of these requests and ever-changing social trending moments, while also hitting client objectives.

We devised a content strategy that focused on two primary goals – gaining followers and driving engagements. Each of our posts would aim to achieve one of these objectives. This was done by making full use of engaging call to actions in post copy, teasing hero events like Christmas and summer activations, and experimenting with new filming techniques to ensure content consistently felt fresh and exciting.

For specific hero moments, we developed a more strategic approach to achieve the most from these events. Extra shoots were planned to capture the most amount of content possible and wrap up videos allowed us to boost longevity and drive conversations long after the events ended. Monthly reporting also gave us insight into the most effective pieces of content. All of this combined informed our thinking, improving our approach for future events.

Visiting each neighbourhood every month allowed to always keep pace with trending moments giving us the tools to build a library of assets that could be repurposed throughout the year. This meant we could be reactive and agile at the right times.

On top of our content approach, we evolved our media strategy based on changes to Meta’s algorithm, ensuring our audiences were engaging with as much of our content as possible.

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