Putting Gut Health Centre Stage on TV

  • Sector
    Food and Beverage
  • Partnership
    5 Years

The Challenge

Amid an increasingly health-conscious society, our challenge was to continue growing awareness and trial of the Kefir range by building on its positive gut health benefits.

Take a trip down the yogurt aisle and you’ll see new products each month, from new challengers to supermarket own brands. Kefir is no less crowded than Greek yogurt as it becomes more popular, alongside fellow fermented foods kombucha and kimchi.

With limitations on what we could say nutritionally, we needed to find our USP and make sure Yeo Valley’s rendition of Kefir stood out as the headline act on the main stage of TV. We also had to showcase the different flavours, as well as support the range extension into 4-packs.

We created the wonderful world of live cultures, featuring billions of gut-friendly bacteria and good minerals like calcium and phosphorus. It’s a little pot, with a lot of live cultures.

Our creative concept juxtaposed animated scenes inside the gut with the positive effect the yogurt has on the outside world, from giving you an organic pick-me-up to its 100% recycled packaging.

To bring our culture characters to life, we worked with a leading stop-motion production partner who developed the colourful designs, their quirky movements, and playful personalities. Inspired by the unique shapes of the real bacteria that make Yeo Valley’s Kefir, the animation team shot the clay models over five days.

Meanwhile, over at the real Yeo Valley in Somerset, we captured all the live-action shots, passing from the staff kitchen to the organic garden, through to the team’s real offices. To shoot at Yeo Valley HQ was an important part of the production to add some wholesome realness to the ad.

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