A Larger-Than-Life Celebration for Barbie

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    2 years

We were asked to help Barbie take over Smyths Toys in celebration of her 65th birthday 🥳 Using larger-than-life play sets to bring the toys to life in the real world, we dived into the Fake Out-Of-Home (FOOH) craze that’s sweeping social media.

How can we harness the FOOH trend in a playful way, appropriate to both brands?

We’ve done a lot of work in the FOOH arena, and Barbie felt a natural fit in this space. With iconic play sets and the famed 'Barbie Pink', we were armed with all the ingredients to stand out from the crowd and put a quirky spin on a current trend for Smyths.

We sent our eight&four crew to film all five Smyths locations in one day. This footage was then given to our expert 3D Production team who set to work bringing our toy models into the real world. Using brand signed-off models allowed us to stay true to guidelines whilst introducing a new twist.

In a 1 week turnaround we enabled both Smyths and Barbie to participate in the FOOH trend, creating entertaining content for both their parent and child audiences.

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