Capturing Life's Most Precious Memories with the New Canon EOS R100

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Canon was launching a new entry-level mirrorless camera, the EOS R100, aimed at young families who might not know the brand. After a competitive pitch, we won the project to shoot and produce all the launch campaign assets, as well as develop the product copy and campaign messaging, for use across paid media, web, social, PR, CRM, retail and e-commerce. The media campaign ran across UK, France and Germany.

Presenting a more unusual proposition for Canon – the professional photographer’s brand – the challenge was to appeal to new customers whose only contact with cameras would be through the smartphone in their pocket.

Our idea had to inspire these consumers to upgrade smartphone camera quality to that of a dedicated, mirrorless camera. Boasting powerful features from its pro-level EOS R imaging system, such as the large 24.1MP APS-C imaging sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus and interchangeable lenses, the R100 is an accessible way to level up how to capture important life events.

The fully integrated campaign deliverables included a 30s hero ad, two 15s social cutdowns, an audio ad (in English and German), a tech specs video for retail, full product copywriting and a set of lifestyle, ambient product stills plus sample photography.

So how do you get smartphone users to trade up to a Canon mirrorless camera? While smartphones have revolutionised access to the art of photography, most still can’t compete in terms of image quality with a proper camera. For example, the sensor in the EOS R100 is about 4 times larger than a leading smartphone, leading to more cinematic and professional-looking photos and videos.

Rather than replacing the ubiquitous smartphone, our idea suggested that the emotion behind precious moments is better preserved in higher quality. Some memories simply deserve more.

Anchored by the tagline, “For life’s most precious memories”, our messaging challenged the belief that smartphone cameras could do your memories justice. This line positioned the EOS R100 as a superior memory-capturing solution, without calling out the competition.

The script for the hero creative revolved around a montage of milestone memories during a young family’s holiday. From a baby’s first steps to meeting a grandchild for the first time, we wanted to follow the whirlwind of first-time events a new family goes through.

Shot across two days in West Sussex, we delivered end-to-end production, including creative development and all post done in-house. We found a real family who were cast alongside additional actors to play the grandparents.

For the audios ads, we ran voiceover sessions in both English and German that expanded on the main creative. We also filmed and produced a retail training video shot with a Canon product specialist at Canon’s in-house studios.

Underpinned by emotional storytelling, this 360 campaign showed how the EOS R100 camera turns once-in-a-lifetime moments into lifelong memories – delivering the outstanding quality your life events deserve.

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