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Canon was launching the Canon Light & Speaker ML-A, combining a portable lamp and a Bluetooth speaker. As this product was tapping into a brand new category, we needed to deliver a campaign that would establish brand awareness and drive sales.

Usually known for their camera, lenses and printers, Canon would be a new brand to most of the audience. Another difficulty was to visually represent the audio function of the product. As such, we needed to come up with a creative treatment showing the product’s benefits for home usage.

To engage high earning couples and families, it was critical that we positioned the product in a lifestyle context conveying sophisticated design cues and real-world use cases.

The insight? Contemporary living demands your home be more than simply a place to sleep. It's a retreat to unwind as much as it is an office to work and a space to entertain. ​Therefore, each usage requires a different tone, a unique mood to set.

We wanted to put the Canon Light & Speaker ML-A at the heart of modern home living to communicate the idea that atmosphere isn’t only seen or heard – it’s felt. The purpose of our campaign was to demonstrate that The Canon Light & Speaker ML-A brings you the ability to build the atmosphere and shape the mood, allowing you to elevate everyday moments. ​

Our main 30 second hero video showed different slices of life around the home, presenting the linearity of the day and showing the product in various locations within the house to suggest the breadth of scenarios the ML-A helps to set an ambience. We chose scenes from the daily life that resonated with the three moods we wanted to convey: relaxation, productivity, and entertainment. 

We used filming techniques and elements from the colour theory to create individual “mise-en-scenes” immersing the viewers in the different moods we wanted to suggest while demonstrating the versatility, connectivity, and different tones and angle of the lamp. 

Additionally, we created two cut downs focused on quiet solo moments and conviviality aspects, and shot 15 images.

A great story and technically superb

"I really appreciated the depth of the creative development process, being open to different ideas, feedback and alternative solutions. The final film delivers what we need - a great story and technically superb, to lift the product and deliver great brand value."

Jonn Dickens

European Content Creation Specialist, Canon EMEA

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