Championing Candy Cup Through Creative Solutions

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The Candy Cup is a key moment in the Candy Crush Saga calendar. It allows players from around the world to compete against each other and win incredible prizes.

King approached us with two strong creative territories that they wanted to bring to life in a live-action shoot. We needed to produce a shoot in just a few short weeks that involved different talent and locations and even a 3D-printed Candy Cup.

One creative territory needed to resemble a tropical desert. This was doubly challenging as timings meant we had to shoot in the UK during the spring. The second territory used mainly green screens, so we had to find solutions that were both time-effective and budget-friendly. Working collaboratively with King, we brought their storyboards to life and proposed creative solutions to set up shoots that didn’t compromise the overall ambition of the campaigns.

To capture our tropical location, we headed to a private beach in Kent which allowed us to control and contain almost every aspect of the shoot. We also found talent that we felt perfectly encapsulated the inclusive nature of the Candy Cup. This talent was made up of five different individuals who were equally as excited about the Candy Cup tournament as the Candy Crush audience, meaning we could capture genuine emotions and reactions. Working closely with wardrobe and hair and makeup, we were able to further ‘candify’ our talent, giving the impression they had been plucked straight from the Candy Kingdom.

We shot the second half of our creative in the King offices in a green screen studio. We transformed the studio into a realistic office environment. Once again, talent was used to help the creative feel as realistic as possible.

To build momentum ahead of the Candy Cup, our creative was posted across King’s Instagram and TikTok channels, telling people exactly how to play and what prizes they could win.

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