A Jaw-Dropping Conversions Campaign

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US-based Cameo were looking to grow their brand into the UK and Australian markets. However, as a new player on the scene, Cameo’s unprompted brand awareness was quite low across these target markets.

Our goal was to drive performance across the board, from brand awareness at the top of the funnel to hard sales lower down, setting new benchmarks for ROAS uplift and pure conversion rates.

Cameo bases its business model on gifting; booking a celebrity for a friend or a loved one for a special occasion. However, it is more than just the video that is the gift.

They’re in the business of show business. That means making people laugh, gasp, cry, cringe and rejoice. From OMG to WTF, it’s the full spectrum of emotions. It’s something we can’t describe, yet something we all feel.

The priceless moment of gifting or receiving a Cameo comes in the reaction of the personalised video. That feeling of having your hero say your name, or the joy and surprise of someone you love saying “Wow, how did you get this!?”

Through the magical moments, Cameo can touch fans’ lives like never before, and help them celebrate life’s biggest moments with the biggest celebs.

Our tailored approach involved two key aspects:

1. Hyperlocal creative

Part of our offering is an immersive understanding into the culture of our target audience. With expertise in these markets, we use local celebrities, topical moments and trends tailored to each market to ensure every asset is culturally relevant.

2. Creative optimisations

Working closely with Kinase, we receive learnings each month and use the data to inform our social content. Our creative (a mixture of static and video assets across multiple social formats) is constantly being adjusted and optimised so the best performing assets and messaging are always live.

Running A/B tests also allows us to maximise ROAS and ensures we’re constantly iterating the creative to improve performance with each passing month.

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    higher Conversion rate in first quarter vs. December average

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    lower Cost per Purchase in first quarter vs. December average

“Since starting work with eight&four, they have produced high- quality performance assets working seamlessly with our in-house team and our media agency”

Associate Director, Cameo

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