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The Challenge

The Genesis GV60 is the first car in the world to offer face recognition technology and full biometrical control. Our challenge was to find a unique way to showcase this world-first technology. We wanted to seamlessly communicate how effortless the Face Connect technology makes your everyday life - through a content campaign on Genesis owned channels, amplified by influencers, allowing us to reach both the UK and DE markets.

Face Connect saves customers hassle by letting them open their car handsfree. Not having to worry about carrying a physical key, the technology makes everyday ambitions feel effortless, giving them the freedom to escape. Therefore, our creative approach was to show that the technology leaves the driver with more time to focus on what they really enjoy – whether it is finding peace-of-mind or stepping out of their comfort zone.

We conceived and delivered an editorial-led campaign to showcase the practicality of the feature as enabling users to find the freedom to escape and unlock new perspectives. We carefully selected two influencers whose passions embody this philosophy and headed to Lake Achensee, Austria, to direct the visual campaign.

We released a 1-minute hero brand film demonstrating the technology, and an additional 2-minute edit shot in a documentary style to establish the connection between the two influencers. The influencers created a selection of social assets to support the campaign across YouTube and Instagram, raising awareness of the Face Connect technology and the partnership while bringing in a mindful feel and cinematic style.

We launched Face Connect in May 2023. YouTube performed extremely well in driving highly engaged awareness for our Unlocking New Perspectives video, one of our best performing videos to date. Whilst awareness and consideration were our main focuses, the campaign also drove over 12,000 link clicks to site to discover more about the vehicle and feature.

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Sophie Hellyer - Cold-water swimmer
Sophie Hellyer - Cold-water swimmer
Manual Dietrich - Travel photographer
Manual Dietrich - Travel photographer

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