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The Sandals Foundation partnered with AFC Ajax to launch "Future Goals," a programme which uses recycled ocean nets and plastic waste to create football goals for Caribbean youth. Leveraging the popularity of the sport, the initiative not only addressed environmental concerns but also promoted youth empowerment and education, engaging over 40 primary schools in Curaçao alone. With a strong social media presence, the campaign garnered 5.5 million video views and a 5.2% average engagement rate on AFC Ajax content, exceeding industry benchmarks.

The Challenge

The Sandals Foundation embarked on a mission to promote environmentalism and create job opportunities for Caribbean youth by partnering with Netherlands' football giants, AFC Ajax. With the goal of increasing environmental awareness and fostering youth empowerment, the challenge was to develop a comprehensive programme that could engage young minds across the region.

The Sandals Foundation, in collaboration with AFC Ajax, launched “Future Goals," a programme aimed at turning ocean-sourced fishing nets and recycled plastic waste into football goals for children. This initiative not only addressed increased environmental awareness for plastic pollution, but also provided a platform for youth sports, particularly football, to expand opportunities and create jobs in local communities.

We developed 3 creative routes to demonstrate the depth of the programme and worked with our cross-agency team to bring this
to life. Content examples included:

  • Making Goals – spotlighting how Ajax FC work with Limpi Recycling, to produce football goals from disposed ocean nets.   
  • Plastic Challenge – a playful idea that demonstrated the importance of recycling by encouraging children to make something creative out of plastic waste. 
  • Future Goals Trophy Tournament – local schools came together to show what they'd learnt in teamwork, leadership and environmental stewardship through a final football tournament.
  • Meet the Coaches – highlighting the coaches dedicated to mentoring Curaçao’s youth, fostering talent and shaping brighter futures.

The Impact

With the help of AFC Ajax, Sandals has brought football to 40 primary schools in Curacao, teaching the beauty of the sport along with the discipline and teamwork that comes with it.

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