Getting Reactive with Sofology’s Content Strategy

How we increased Sofology’s engagement and growth on TikTok by leaning into more trend-led reactive content.

We have worked with Sofology since 2023, providing strategic social media and creative consultancy, including monthly content briefs, regular content capture and influencer campaigns. Whilst Sofology had established a robust presence on Instagram and Pinterest, they faced significant challenges on TikTok, lacking a coherent strategy and struggling to adopt a tone of voice suitable for TikTok's unique and dynamic audience.

Our analysis identified a crucial trend: the success of reactive content on TikTok. Brands like Ryanair and Duolingo have leveraged trending topics, audio clips, and popular themes to produce short, engaging videos, an approach that has not only boosted their visibility but also enhanced their brand sentiment.. Sofology, however, was missing out on these opportunities, leading to lower impact, engagement and reach.

We began building Sofology’s presence on the channel in 2024 to start understanding what works for the brand, and, more importantly, where we can make the biggest impact. We did this by:

1. Daily trend monitoring: Our dedicated newsroom team monitored social trends and popular culture moments daily. This proactive approach enabled us to create content ideas swiftly, ensuring Sofology's content remained relevant and timely.

2. Creative execution: We produced short, relatable videos that aligned with trending topics, using popular audio clips and themes, including leaning into CapCut templates. This not only helped Sofology join ongoing conversations but also positioned them as a relatable and contemporary brand.

3.Results-driven approach: By implementing this strategy, we aimed to reach customers more effectively and stay ahead of competitors. The results were measurable through increased engagement, higher follower growth, and improved brand sentiment on TikTok.

In 6 months, the account has seen:

  • 0%

    increase in follower growth

  • 0%

    increase in engagement rate

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