Solving Key Challenges in End-to-End Content Production with GenAI

Automotive content is logistically difficult and expensive to shoot. How could GenAI help?

Off the shelf GenAI technology doesn't give the product specificity brands need - so our Creative Technology team built Coach - a powerful image generator for brands. And we built it first for our longstanding automotive client - Genesis Motors (Hyundai).

There were several challenges to overcome with the Coach project:

  • Security. Brands are concerned about data security, and legal grey areas around GenAI.
  • Specificity. In a commercial brand environment, accuracy is imperative.

Enter eight&four’s proprietary AI tool, Coach, an AI-driven brand world image generator tool (part of the Platform12 suite). With Coach, Genesis unlocked access to a fresh approach to content creation, one that offered flexibility and efficiency without compromising on quality.

  • Security. Coach is built on a private, closed environment server, ensuring the protection of a brand's integrity, legal protection and intellectual property.
  • Specificity. Using a powerful Custom models approach - we train the tool on highly specific brand details; exacting product features, detailed specs, brand colour palette etc.

Through close collaboration with the Genesis team, we tailored Coach to understand in detail the details of each of their models. This customisation and personalisation ensures that the content produced by Coach is a digital mirror to real-world and originally produced content.

See the video below for a look at how the tool works. 

Coach's versatility allowed Genesis to explore new possibilities in content creation that were before logistically impossible. For the first time, they could envision their vehicles in any environment, from the side of a volcano to highlight their colour origin stories to tranquil natural landscapes.

The Genesis Scottish Open sponsorship presented a great opportunity to put Coach to the test. Traditionally, capturing images of a Genesis on a golf course would require meticulous planning, coordination, and substantial resources. However, with Coach, what was once considered logistically impossible became possible and allowed Genesis to promote their involvement at the prestigious golf tournament in new ways.

This collaboration marked an important milestone for Genesis Motor Europe as they embraced the potential of AI-driven content creation. By leveraging Coach, we automatically open up new possibilities for brand storytelling and creative augmentation. The question is now not 'how' but 'what if'.

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